Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Teeth can become damaged or fall out for a number of reasons, including disease and trauma. Ideal candidates for full mouth rehabilitation need to be in good general health but have multiple missing or badly damaged teeth. Many full mouth rehabilitation patients also require the replacement of existing dental restorations that have worn over time. Although most full mouth rehabilitation plans require extensive work over multiple appointments, the result is a fully functioning mouth and excellent oral health that can last for decades.

In addition to providing full mouth rehabilitation, My Greenbelt dentist can meet your family’s needs for general dentistry services. We promise you the best in professional, friendly service.

To explore the possibility of a new set of teeth and the resulting surge in self-confidence and quality of life, make an appointment to discuss full mouth rehabilitation at My Greenbelt dentist today. Call our office in Greenbelt, MD at 443.360.5842 to learn more about the difference that full mouth rehabilitation could make in your life.